We always have a need for the following positions:

  1. Electrical and electronic engineering, automation engineering.
  2. Bachelor of accounting.

General requirements:

  • Have experience in area of expertise.
  • Proficiency in Autocad, MS Word, the electrical design software, ... (for electrical engineers)
  • There is an accounting professional, capable of mastering the accounting mode (for accounting).
  • Organize, arrange and elaborate plans to perform the task assigned.
  • Know the synthesis and analysis report. The exact mission and rules.
  • Ability to communicate well.
  • Agile, nimble at work.


  • Candidates are electrical engineers, automation engineer. graduated UNIVERSITY of Hanoi.
  • Candidates accounting financial Institute, national economics UNIVERSITY.

Applicants please Scan profiles or send CV to eMail before. We will proactively contacted choice members have profiles that meet the requirements!