Installation, maintenance, repair

The ELECTRIC COMPANY HANOI EQUIPMENT & (importers and offers different kinds of GENERATORS of the well-known assembled in China according to the line and genuine technology )

- Get free advice about buying and selling, installation and engineering. Select the capacity under load, the optimal depreciation cost, durability and the functions of the family.

- Repair, overhaul, maintenance, periodic maintenance according to the manufacturer's standards with the GENERATOR

- Installation design of construction protection cover for generators. Design and installation of cabinets ATS and reconciles the synchronous GENERATOR with each other.

- Warranty from 6 months to 1 year.

- After sales service.
- Detailed instructions how to operate, maintenance of GENERATORS
+ If you have purchased our GENERATOR, but after a while there is no need to use then we can buy with high price.
+ For your customer has purchased our GENERATOR if failure in the time of warranty, we guarantee to overcome in the shortest time. If the time to troubleshoot long, affecting the production of your business, then we will immediately tell the person borrowing the GENERATOR to run until repairs were completed.