Power generator hire from 5KVA-3000KVA:

To make sure the process works, the business is going on constantly, the redundant power supply is an urgent need for businesses, organizations and individuals.In order to meet current demand for backup power sources for production and business affairs, event planning, meetings.

We have departments made power generator rental services, ensuring professionalism, quickly, safely and effectively in the process of operating the generator.

   To meet the diverse needs of customers, the electric company & Hanoi Equipment constantly supplemented in terms of quantity as well as quality of the type of lease. All our machines meet the stringent requirements of our customers concerning the quality of voltage, safety, fuel economy and power enough for ...

We meet all of your rental needs from 5-1500kVA, with frequency 50-60 Hz. Besides, the operating staff are professional workers, pledged to ensure the generator is always in good operating condition.

We are committed to:

  • Receiving and processing information to operate your 24/7.
  • Routine maintenance the machine power generator rental.
  • Fix promptly any issues in the process of renting your generator.
  • In case of a prolonged recovery period, we will be changing a another machine of equivalent capacity.
  • Rising rents generators if period over 6 months.